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In addition to saving you countless hours of manual link exchange duties, we can also help increase your income. As a member of you will automatically receive $10.00 per month for every referral. Our referral program pays you $10.00 per month for each one of your website visitors that clicks the referral link located on your links page and subscribes to our service for as long as they remain a member. Simply referring three visitors a day for one year will result in over $10,000.00 a month in commissions. The chart below shows how much extra money you can make from our referral program:























The reason we have been so successful in subscribing new members is because our service is very attractive to webmasters, and the monthly subscription fee is very economical. Most webmasters immediately see the tremendous value of our service - especially if they have been spending a lot of time manually exchanging links. However, we have only reached a small fraction of the millions of webmasters who have not yet heard about our service. We would like to help you reach them!

We believe that if we share our successful marketing secrets with you, you will be able to duplicate our successes in subscribing new members. The opportunity that we are offering you is the same one that we had in September of 2004. By using the very same methods that I am going to outline for you after you become a member, we have subscribed members. If you follow these same guidelines and principles, you will be able to duplicate or even exceed our successes! Just look at the chart above to see how even a small effort on your part can lead to a very healthy income.

Here's how it works: When one of your website visitor clicks on your referral link (that we provide), a "cookie" will be placed on their computer. If they subscribe to our service, the referral will show up in your reports as a subscriber and you will receive credit. We offer several different levels of involvement based on how much money you desire to make from our Referral Program. Many of our members place their Referral link throughout their existing websites. We also have banner ads and text ads available for use throughout your websites. We even offer you the raw HTML code for them to make it easier for you!

We are the original automated link exchange service. Over the past year several clone websites have popped up here and there offering inferior service, but they are all just cheap imitations of the original. Rather than have more people tempted to waste their time and money trying to compete with us and steal our ideas, we decided to offer them an easy opportunity to get involved in a turn-key, instantly profitable business reselling our service. We provide everything for you including the hardware, bandwidth, latest advances in software and technology, web and database servers, customer support, and last but not least - we share with you the very secrets that allowed us to subscribe members! All you have to do is follow our instructions and then wait for the checks to start rolling in!

You must first become a subscriber of before you can become a reseller.

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